Chevy Salutes: GM Military Discount

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The GM Military Discount Program allows service members that protect the country, to purchase GM vehicles at a price that’s lower than the MSRP. The program was initiated as a way to thank people in military service for their part in protecting the United States, and for the sacrifices, they make to defend the country.

In order to take advantage of the GM Military Discount, you need to have served in the United States military, and be capable of verifying that you served. The spouses and other family members of service members can take advantage of this discount program as well.

Who Is Eligible and What Benefits Does the GM Military Discount Have?
To be eligible for the GM Military Discount Program, you need to have served either in the army, navy, airforce, National guard, marine, or coast guard. This includes active duty members.

If you think you’re eligible for the GM program, you can visit the GM Military Discount website to learn more about the program. Those eligible can purchase a Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac at a reduced base price. Only new and unused GM vehicles are available in this program. Eligible vehicles are from models released in the year 2019, 2020, and 2021. This discount is only available on the purchase or lease of new vehicles, and not on prior purchases.

If you want to determine whether you’re eligible for the GM program or not, you need to visit the website. This website was deemed by the federal government as capable of providing Single Sign On’s to citizens. Here, you will be asked to verify your identity. To do this, simply log on to the website, click on the ‘GM Military Discount’ page, and click on the ‘Get Authorization Number’ button.

Once you’ve decided on the make and model of the GM vehicle you want, and you have your authorization number, you can visit an eligible dealership. Take a copy of your driver’s license where the license number has been redacted, as well as your authorization number to the dealership to process your discounted purchase.

You can combine other current offers, as well as any GM Mobility reimbursements, with the Military discount to get a better offer. Any Earnings from the GM Rewards card can also be used. You can purchase or lease up to two cars every calendar year together with the GM Military Discount.

If you live in Wake Forest, Raleigh, Durham, or Chapel Hill in NC, and think you’re eligible for the GM Military Discount Program, then visit your nearest GM or Chevy dealership today!

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