Chevrolet Safety Assist Features

December 21st, 2020 by

Driver assistance features are increasingly becoming a standard feature, available in modern trucks, SUVs, and cars in Raleigh. These are often clubbed together under a common name that describes the technologies. The Chevrolet Safety Assist is the latest newcomer. It is included as part of the standard equipment in the Trailblazer and Equinox series. It will soon be offered in other models offered by the company.

What’s Included in the Chevy Safety Assist?

Initially, Chevy drivers in Durham had access to features like collision alert with pedestrian detection, lane departure warning, emergency braking, automatic high beam headlights, and following distance indicator. Although additional features are available, these six tech specs make up Chevrolet Safety Assist. Of these features, forward collision warning with pedestrian detection is the core feature of Chevy Safety Assist. Drivers are alerted when the vehicle is close to a pedestrian or obstacle. The system will alert you if there is another vehicle upcoming. It will provide a warning to take action immediately. In case you ignore the warning, the AEB will automatically break the car on behalf of the driver. At low speeds, the AEB prevents collisions in Chapel Hill while at high speeds, it can lower the speed at the time of the impact.

The lane keeps assist or LKA and LDW systems work in tandem to inhibit unnecessary lane departures. The LDW will provide audible and haptic alerts to the driver if drifting from the lane is detected. The LKA feature prevents unwanted lane departures by lightly guiding the car back into the planned lane. In case the driver is actively pulling out of a lane, the LKA will not stop this action.

Chevy Safety Assist’s forward-looking sensors and cameras track the distance between your vehicle and the one in front. This system will warn you when you get too close. You can adjust the distance indicator according to weather, speed, and driving conditions. This is not the same as adaptive cruise control- which maintains a specific distance between your car and the one ahead.

Chevy Safety Assist includes many other features in its toolbox like surround vision and blind zone alert. Come check it out yourself. Visit your closest Chevrolet dealership today.

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