Get Your Car Ready for Cooler Weather

December 21st, 2020 by

Winter is around the corner and it is time for you to conduct your car winter checks. Snow and ice can cause serious issues, and it is important to focus on a few aspects before the cooler temperatures set in.

Here are a few tips that can help you through this winter.

Change Your Oil

Changing the car oil before the winter months is the first step in getting your car ready for the cooler weather. We recommend using low viscosity oil, as it can flow better through the engine than the thicker oils when the temperatures drop. Our Chevy dealership can change the oil and ensure your car stays in top shape through the winter months.

Check Your Battery

Your car battery efficiency greatly reduces when the temperatures drop beyond the threshold. You should have a battery tester tool to understand your battery condition; however, you can also get it checked professionally by car experts. This ensures more longevity for your car.

Check Your Lights

Check your Chevrolet car indicators, lights, and rear reflectors. If they are cracked or not working as usual, get them replaced immediately. The exterior lights, in particular, are important as they help you see the road ahead during the darker nights.

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Ensure your tires are in perfect condition as they directly affect your braking and steering. You must check out some winter tires if you regularly drive in harsh snowy conditions. Further, visit an expert to get your tires tested for grip, tread depth, and pressure.

Visit our Chevy express service center if you are experiencing tire issues or expect potential troubles.

Our Capital Chevy dealership in Wake Forest, NC, is located very close to Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh too. We are one of the best Chevy dealers in NC and can get your car geared up for the cooler months ahead. Reach out to us now to know more.

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