How to Check if Your Chevrolet Needs an Oil Change

December 21st, 2020 by

Older Chevrolet models required an oil change for every 3000 miles. Modern Chevrolet models have more advanced engines. As a result, an oil change is needed only after long intervals. Modern models of Chevrolet feature an Oil Life Monitoring System. This system issues an oil change alert. It is important to change oil within a 600-mile interval upon receiving such an alert.

If your Chevrolet features an Oil Life Monitoring System, then it is essential to reset the system. This is usually performed at least once a year when you change your motor oil. As an authorized Chevrolet dealer, Capital Chevrolet can perform an oil change and reset the system.

If your Chevrolet does not have an oil monitoring system, then do the following to know if it is time for an oil change:

Refer to your Owner’s Manual

Your Chevrolet owner’s manual specifies the exact intervals of an oil change for your model of Chevrolet. Remember to visit your manual at least every month to be aware of the maintenance schedule that your vehicle needs.

Check if your Check Engine Light is On

Your Chevrolet’s check engine light could be on for several reasons, and an oil change indication is one of them. If your vehicle does not have an oil change indicator and the check engine light is on, then check oil levels.

At Capital Chevy, we have certified technicians who can find out the right reason for your engine light. If you are near Raleigh, Chapel Hill, or Durham, we are only a short drive away.

Listen for any Increase in Engine Noise

An oil change keeps your engine oil fresh, which is important to keep the engine parts moving and functioning well. When oil turns old, dirty, or thin, it becomes less efficient at keeping the engine system healthy.

As a result, you may hear abnormal knocking sounds from the engine. If you hear such sounds, then it could be time for a Chevrolet oil change.

Look for Excess Exhaust

Modern Chevrolet models do not let out exhaust through tailpipes. So, check the rear of your vehicle. If you see a trail of smoke-like from behind, then it could be your vehicle emitting exhaust.

The excess exhaust is a sign that your engine oil is too old to be retained. There could be other reasons as well for the excess exhaust. Be sure you have your oil levels checked immediately.

Proper attention and timely care can help you maintain your Chevrolet at its peak performance for many years. Visit Capital Chevrolet’s authorized auto center for an oil change and reliable Chevrolet maintenance. We are located in Wake Forest, NC

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