How to Check Your Tire Pressure

December 21st, 2020 by

Did you know tires lose nearly 1psi of air every month? That’s the case with Chevy tires too. So, you need to check your tire pressure every month, including that of your spare tire, to ensure they are functioning properly. Once you inflate your Chevy tires to the right level, you are sure to experience more responsive steering, longer tire life, more fuel efficiency, and mileage, and not to forget, a seamless ride.

You can choose to visit a Chevrolet service center to check your tire pressure. But there are also some quick steps to do it yourself:

Check When Tires Are Cold

All vehicle manufacturers, including Chevrolet, specify the air pressure in PSI when the tires of the car are cold. This is the unit that’s used to read the pressure of your Chevy tires with a pressure gauge. Tires are termed “cold” when the car has not been running for at least three hours, or when it has run for less than a mile at a moderate speed. You should always follow the recommended PSI while refilling your Chevy tires. In case you are not aware of it, you should get in touch with a Chevrolet service center.

Note The Readings

Next, you need to use the pressure gauge to check the tire pressure. This can be done by removing the valve cap from one of the Chevy tires, placing the gauge on the stem, and pressing down till the meter gives a reading. You should note the PSI readings of all your Chevy tires to know which tires require inflation and to what level.

Inflate Or Deflate As Necessary

If the pressure in your Chevy tires is lower than what’s recommended, then you should use an air compressor to inflate it at Chevrolet service centers. If you see that the air pressure of your Chevy tires is crossing the recommended level, you can release some air depending on the reading on the pressure gauge.

The above are three quick steps to check the tire pressure of your Chevrolet. You can go for a Chevy service Raleigh to get the job done by a professional with greater accuracy. The best place for you would be Capital Chevrolet in Wake Forest, NC. We also serve customers from Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.

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