Benefits of Leasing a Car

December 21st, 2020 by

Most of us would much rather buy a car instead of leasing it. However, there are many good reasons to lease a car that may make you change your mind. Here are some reasons why leasing a car is a better option.

Lower Payments

When you lease a car, your monthly payments are between thirty and sixty percent lower than the payments you have to make to buy a new car. This makes leasing a car more beneficial, especially as leasing a car also allows you to drive a car that would otherwise have been unaffordable.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Cars leased for thirty-six months or less are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Thus, this warranty protects you against the high costs involved in repairing your vehicle, should that be required. Also, the manufacturer may even include free maintenance for the duration of the lease.

Return the car instead of selling it

The best part is that once your lease is over, all you have to do is return the vehicle to the leasing company. You don’t need to worry about finding a buyer to purchase your car.

Tax-Deductible Expense

If you use your leased vehicle for business purposes, then you can write off the entire lease payment as a tax-deductible expense. Even if you do not run your own business, your state will only tax your vehicle on the usage part of your lease. Thus, you won’t have to pay taxes on the entire price of your leased car. This allows you to save hundreds of dollars.

Drive Latest Model Cars

The best part is that leasing a vehicle means you get to drive the latest model cars.

More Choices

Also, you can choose from a wider selection of vehicles.

No Down Payments

Finally, it is also possible to lease a vehicle without any down payment, though you may have to pay upfront fees, which can easily be converted into monthly payments. The maximum amount of money that you have to put down for a leased vehicle is about twenty percent.

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