How to Connect to Chevy Wi-Fi

December 21st, 2020 by

At one point, it may have sounded absurd to think you could pair with Wi-Fi in your vehicle, but modern technology has made it possible. Chevrolet is no exception, and a lot of their models are now enabled with Chevy Wi-Fi. For anyone interested in buying a Chevrolet, this is surely a feature you might want to know more about. You may have a lot of questions too, like how does Chevy WiFi work, so let’s get right to it.

It might interest you to know that all Chevrolet models from 2017 onwards are 4G compatible. So how does it work?

It’s actually fairly simple. Your existing Chevrolet or future car connects to WiFi in the same way your phone might. Search for the network on your device by name, enter the password, and you’re good to go. The network name, as well as the password, will be stored on your car’s touch-capable entertainment system under “WiFi Settings.”

The Chevy receives a signal from Chevrolet’s partner OnStar, which is broadcast through your vehicle like a hot spot. You can then connect a host of devices, including your laptop or tablet. A maximum of seven devices may be paired with this hot spot at one time.

The existing Chevy WiFi plans are also quite extensive and affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank to stay connected while on the road. The signal strength is fairly strong, working up to 50 ft away from your car.

The WiFi is powered by your Chevy’s battery and stays connected while your car is running. A 3GB data plan is included with the purchase of your first vehicle with Chevrolet, provided the model you invest in has WiFi capabilities.

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